GKS Kernel provides V.I.P. Security services where the main concern is the protection of physical integrity & the prevention of any kind of direct or indirect risk.

This is an area that requires special attention. The reasons are multiple, because the threat can come from different groups of people. For the full coverage of the guarded V.I.P., strict procedures are followed and the company has highly trained security staff, who in the strictest confidence and absolute discretion can provide security and an escort. Specially trained guards, uniformed or in discreet civilian clothing, provide 24-hour coverage to deter any threatening actions. We provide safe movement of the guarded person and of persons close to him/her.

If requested we can organise classified operations, with special security requirements, for an escort or guarding during the customer's visit to a bank or an escort of a money transport. We can also remove the V.I.P. from the spotlight and the cameras of journalists when they wish, choose alternative routes and keep them away from threats, dangers and unwanted situations during the day and night. The provision of the service does not interfere with the protected person's freedom of action and all protection operations are adapted to their comfort.

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