Kernel Security conducts patrols with a radio vehicle or motorcycle and at varying intervals company guards constantly make checks. The direct line of sight of the guard post is a deterrent to crime. Patrol guards, with their presence alone, increase security and reduce the risk of vandalism and theft. The guards are in constant contact with the company’s supervisors and the Central Signal Station, and always record their actions. On patrols an external search is carried out by trained patrol guards to look for signs of burglary or to detect any abnormal occurrences and prevent any perceived problems before they start.

In case of detection of such indications, such as any damage, attempted burglary, fire or any action contrary to the security of the subscriber’s premises, the guard shall immediately report the information about the incident that occurred. The information is received by the Supervisor of the company, who is aware of the geographical location of the property, the details of the guarding target and the shift of the specific guard, giving even more clarity to the recording of the incident. The Supervisor is obliged to immediately notify the customer on the emergency numbers that the latter has communicated to the company, the police, the fire brigade or any equivalent service and to act appropriately in order to best safeguard the customer’s interests.

We also have the patrol monitoring system which is the most comprehensive, modern and totally reliable solution, ideal for recording the presence of guards, patrols, watchmen, drivers, distributors, salesmen and workers on construction sites.

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