24-hour signal reception centre

The Signal Reception Centre is housed in an area specially designed in accordance with the requirements of modern times. An area that provides a high level of security and equipment to ensure …

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Remote CCTV camera monitoring services

The remote monitoring services highlight the importance of the term “Prevention” to GKS Kernel.

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Rapid Response

GKS Kernel, fully attuned to today’s needs, wishing to protect its customers and their assets in the best possible way, provides the rapid response service.

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Facility guarding

GKS Kernel fully aligned with the requirements of the modern era and paying special attention to the term “prevention” has developed a study aimed at eliminating or reducing the risk and hostile internal & external threats.

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Guarding by physical presence of security guards in mass catering establishments

GKS Kernel undertakes the security & safety of mass catering venues (Conferences, Sporting Events, Clubs, Cultural Events). During the events, the security and protection of both people and space is provided by highly trained staff …

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Drone Guarding

GKS Kernel undertakes Drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) Guarding & Security of premises for the surveillance of private property. Our operationally qualified staff using Drone may provide: The best possible coverage in difficult or inaccessible areas …

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Guarding and patrolling with a K9 dog

GKS Kernel further shields the safety of its customers by providing a team of specially trained patrol dogs and certified handlers.

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V.I.P. Security

GKS Kernel provides V.I.P. Security services where the main concern is the protection of physical integrity & the prevention of any kind of direct or indirect risk.

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Safe transport of valuable items

Specially trained and equipped guards-drivers carry out safe road transfers of money, assets and valuable items on the same day, throughout Greece, throughout the year with our special vehicles or with your own if you wish.

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Kernel Security conducts patrols with a radio vehicle or motorcycle and at varying intervals company guards constantly make checks.

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