Fleet of Vehicles

GKS Kernel owns an excellent modern fleet of vehicles ideal for every occasion. Our privately owned vehicles are constantly renewed & upgraded to have the most complete and modern equipment and provide maximum safety and luxury during your travel.

• Rapid Response and Patrol Vehicles

GKS Kernel has standard vehicles, modernly equipped & well-trained and certified drivers. GKS Kernel staff carry out patrols by radio vehicle or motorcycle at varying intervals. The patrol vehicles carry our company’s insignia, and are fully equipped (firefighting, first aid, rescue and extrication equipment). The Company’s vehicle patrols support and certify their presence on site through an Electronic Portable GPS Control System.
Use of magnetic lock (tag).
Use of a magnetic card.

• Electric scooters & Electric bicycles

GKS Kernel, closely supporting every technological development and at the same time showing its sensitivity to the local environment of Mykonos is once again a PIONEER. It equips its fleet with six (6) electric scooters & three (3) electric bicycles.

Through the use of electric vehicles, our company is fully aligned with the local community of Mykonos, especially during the summer months, when the need for a clean city is imperative and because the traditional alleys and streets in Chora are very narrow (as well as busy), making it impossible to approach them in motorised vehicles. By the use of electric vehicles, GKS Kernel is now able to respond immediately to any call from its customers, whether it is a simple service, or to respond positively to a call about a possible illegal action.

• Money Transport Vehicles

GKS Kernel has been active in the money transport sector since 2006. It undertakes money deliveries throughout the Greek territory. If the customer’s needs require it, we undertake and carry out Transport of money, gems, securities and other items. The service is supported by ferry (only within Greece) & by air (all over the world), in absolute discretion and the strictest confidence.

The outstanding success in the Money Transport sector is based on the triptych of Training & Update of the knowledge of the human resources involved in money transport. Strict adherence to a protocol of actions. Our company has prepared an Action & Response Plan for all possible scenarios.

State-of-the-art vehicle & empowerment equipment. (New generation bulletproof armor, use of GPS together with an alarm button & surveillance from the Company’s Operations Center, special money carrying case equipped with a dye pack that colors the money if the case is forcibly removed from the security guard carrying it, use of private frequency band intercom.)

• V.I.P. Escort vehicles

Kernel Security provides V.I.P. protection services. V.I.P. protection and security is an area that requires special attention. The reasons are multiple, because the threat can come from different groups of people. For the full coverage of the guarded V.I.P., strict procedures are followed and the company has highly trained security staff, who in the strictest confidence and absolute discretion can provide security and an escort. Specially trained guards, uniformed or in discreet civilian clothing, provide 24-hour coverage to deter any threatening actions. We provide safe movement of the guarded person and of persons close to him/her.

We can also remove the V.I.P. from the spotlight and the cameras of journalists when they wish, choose alternative routes and keep them away from threats, dangers and unwanted situations during the day and night. The provision of the service does not interfere with the protected person’s freedom of action and all protection operations are tailored to their comfort.