Human Resources

Selection process of human resources

Recognising the special importance that GKS Kernel plays both in the scope of the labour market, as well as in its social role, particularly in the local communities where it operates, it has created a Staff Handbook that is essentially a culmination of its 15 years of experience within the current legislative framework.

The Staff Handbook is ultimately a commitment to the evolutionary direction in the field of security, but it is also the cornerstone from which GKS Kernel staff draws clear information to provide high quality services to its customers.

On the one hand, the Staff Handbook contributes to the best possible activation of staff in all possible workplaces and, on the other hand, it is a clear guide to obligations and prohibitions in real time in accordance with the legal provisions.

Our Company follows a strictly established staff selection framework that is divided into two (2) phases.

Phase 1
In phase 1, an online interview of the candidate is conducted by our company. GKS Kernel selection staff is made up of the psychiatrist and the staff quality control department. The candidate’s curriculum vitae and the necessary selection criteria documents have previously been sent electronically: Security Licence, Clean criminal record, Military Discharge Certificate (1st class for men), High School Diploma (minimum), Computer Literacy, Foreign Languages, Knowledge of Martial Arts (optional). The possession of the above accompanying documents is necessary in order for the candidate to register for Phase 1. If the candidate successfully passes Phase 1 then they make take part in the Phase 2 Procedure.

Phase 2
Candidates who have successfully passed the 1st selection phase will be admitted to the 2nd phase. In the second phase, the candidate is invited to attend an innovative training programme of three (3) days. The training programme is divided into a theoretical basis and a practical basis. On part of GKS Kernel, the following persons take part: the Legal Advisor of our company, an Executive of KEMEA (Center for Security Studies), a representative of ΕΚΑΒ (National Emergency Aid Center), the Supervisors in Mass Catering (Captains), the Shareholders of GKS Kernel. The training programme is coordinated by the Human Resources Department (H.R. Supervisors).

For the implementation of the training of our Company’s staff candidates we combine:

– Electronic presentation of the GKS Kernel Staff Handbook by the Staff Quality Control Department.

– Presentation of Thematic Sections & Criminal Procedure (Introduction to the Current Legislative Framework), Theoretical Analysis of the Basic Security Tasks & How to deal with unlawful incidents in work environment. The presentation is coordinated and taught by our Legal Counsel.

– Presentation of Practical Material through a process of simulation and video recording of real incidents of illegal actions and how to deal with them. Practice and application of response to unlawful acts in a specially designed area, in which the candidate is required to obtain a general knowledge of the Action/Response to unlawful acts procedure. The Presentation is coordinated and taught by the Mass Catering Establishment Supervisors (Captains).

– Presentation of material-technical equipment to candidates.